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The Path to Distant Realms

I had an interest in photography for many years before I started on my adventure in producing artistic images. A period of enforced reflection awakened my dormant creativity and one evening whilst walking my dog I took this image, "Distant Realms". At that point I did not know that intentional camera movement was a recognised technique, all I knew was that by using subtle movements of my camera when taking a picture I discovered that the resulting images were more than just a representation of the subject.

The images that I captured revealed an impression of the subject together with a filing of what is not seen, a mysterious beauty that is missed on casual observation. A large part of the creative process is the time taken to take the photograph, searching for the unseen beauty that I know is there and will reveal itself to me in a fusion of light, colour, movement and subject. The concentration of awareness needed to take these photographs is, for me, a meditation with the bonus of creating something to share with the world.

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