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Rooms of Wonder: The Infinity of the Moment

I am so proud of been accepted as an exhibiting artist in "Le Stanze della Meraviglie" in Verbania, Italy. Unfortunately I am unable to attend in person so I thought I would provide some notes an thoughts on my exhibited pieces.

My Room is entitled "Painting with Light (Infinite Moments) and the first photograph that I will discuss is "The Infinity of the Moment"

"The Infinity of the Moment" demonstrates my ethos of finding beauty in any subject by becoming lost in what I am seeing, focusing all my attention on the subject and translating what I am seeing and feeling into a photographic image using long exposures and intentional camera movement. The basis of this image is fallen leaves and branches lying in my garden, and its beauty could so easily be missed on a casual glance. It is all to easy to miss the wonder and beauty that is all around us, and it is so important to take time and be mindful of what surrounds us. By expanding our awareness we can get so much more out of our lives, this is what my photography gives to me, and I hope that in sharing my work others will be tempted look for more than what is seen at first sight.

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