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My Poetry

When I started to explore creative photography, I also started to write poetry and the two are interconnected. Sometimes a line comes into my mind when I am taking photographs and sometimes when I am reviewing and editing my images. Both my photography and poetry explore how we perceive the world, the connection between our senses and the world around us and what is real for the individual. I have created a gallery featuring images from distant realms not far away and here is the prom associated with the pictures.

Distant Realms Not Far Away

Our senses perceive the world

In which our thoughts believe

Each one of us living

Our own version of reality.

Our thoughts drive us to strive

For what we think we need

We blindly follow our senses

To our goal, then start to strive anew.

Our thoughts’ desires

Can never be fulfilled.

We endless run from pleasure to pain

Oblivious of the moment we are in.

Unaware of so much of our lives

We constantly miss the point

Leaving us with an empty ache

A void within where questions begin

Then from distant realms not far away

Images filter through

Experienced beyond our understanding

And challenging our point of view.

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